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VentStatus on Your Cell Phone, How it works

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Above you can test out one of the cooler features of VentStatus, updates on your cell phone. This lets anybody check the status of any server right on the cell phone without internet access. This feature is provided by the free service, Textmarks and is explained in more detail below. To see it in action, try typing VSTAT 75 in the message box on the cell phone simulator above.
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An overview of CodeIgniter

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You’re interested in this whole new idea of frameworks, but why spend time on the learning curve when the system you already have in place works fine? Well, you might find yourself using the same functions or classes over and over; modifications of simple tools you would think would already exist in PHP.

Well, frameworks are your solution. A framework provides all the standard functions you would (hope would be included) in PHP, as well as a structured format for your files and directories. What are the advantages to this? Well, the code you need to handle cookies, sessions, dates, downloads, uploads, input, output, dates, pagination, templates and most security issues already exists in structured files. The only thing left is to make use of the provided functions.

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Ventrilo is a VOIP or voice over internet protocol. In other words, it lets users chat with each other over the internet instantly. Ventrilo is known for its super high quality voice codecs, and for being simple and reliable. The difference between Ventrilo and something like Skype is that Skype creates a direct connection between two or more clients through a peer to peer network. Ventrilo, on the other hand, first gives this information to a server where it is then transmitted to everybody else connected to that server.

This method makes Ventrilo an attractive resource for gamers. The servers are more stable and more reliable than direct connections, and the voice quality is supreme. The program also happens to be very lightweight, as to not distract processing power from high performance games. Ventrilo is the choice application for gamers who want to talk to other gamers.

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